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“Red bull, trying to give it wings”   “The Lord”   “No Terrorism”   “Escaping Dinosaur”   “Ravana”   “Cholympic – ant is having the sport”   “શ્રુંગાર”    “The Result”   “An eye towards Earth”   “Having Energy”     “Relativity”    


એ રાત્રિનો અંધકાર મારા સપનાઓને કોરી ખાતો હતો. જાણે હવે આવશે ને કંઇક કરી નાખશે એવી અસ્પષ્ટ ભીતી હતી. છત પરનો ફર્તો પંખો એક વંટોળ બનાવી રહ્યો હતો અને મારા વિચારોને એમાં ભેળવી ઊંચે ને ઉંચે લઇ જવાનો પ્રયાસ કરી રહ્યો હતો. એ જિત્યો અને ત્યજિ ગયો એ માત્ર અનિદ્રા. એ રાત હતી….. આખું વર્ષ 

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Flock of Love

“Hey miss painter remember me????” first message from a boy to his crush’s timeline…. He have just sent a friend request to her but it’s not accepted yet. In his friend-circle; boy usually find his self-talking about his crush. Now suddenly symbol at social network spotted red showing that someone accepted request. Someone is waiting 

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Black or brown?

College has started before a week ago. So it was the day when Kavya decided to go college. Her college resides far away from her home and this is the reason for deciding the day. She completed what she had committed to herself by stepping in the department on the 5th day of new semester. 

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Rhyme of life

I was tied in the viva session. Never get done in the time. Never. Same procedure and sequences were happening on that day. We were approaching mam and she was like “I am busy now so just come after an hour”. Probably she said the same thing twice or thrice. Generally I don’t have any 

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Duration of Divinity

____________.No words were there to fill the silence. Even surrounding became numb then. People were passing around, vehicles were honking, auto drivers were shouting but main noise was in the mind. Tides of thought were fluctuating and making noise. Collision of arguments and counter arguments to convince self. This is real – thought to self. 

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63$ from SHADOW

This seems to be sort of the acknowledgment to creator of this site. The actual owner of this site. Of course, I am not gonna have this title. I am just employee here. So before we get started to know this SHADOW MAN, I would like to stick a note. This all would about us. 

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